Paul Guard is based in Blackpool, but oftens performs at weddings and corporate events in Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, North Wales & Cumbria
Paul Guard
Singer | Pianist | Entertainer

'He got everyone dancing and made everyone smile'

Singer Pianist Compere Dj Entertainer
Piano & Dj                             SATURDAY NIGHT IS THE LONELIEST NIGHT

Sometimes there's nothing like live music, whether it's with vocals, or just background music through dinner.

Paul is a self taught contemporary pianist, playing since the age of 12.

He has a wide and varied repertoire, which is soothing, yet full of soul and can be tailored to the client, for favourite songs or themed events.

If something more lively is required, then backing tracks or bass & drums are also available.

We've all been to the party or seen the comedy sketches, where the DJ dresses in a funny suit, plays games and cannot be understood.

If you're finding it hard to locate a DJ, then maybe we can help. We can either hire a professional DJ for you, or perform as DJ as well to form the perfect wedding package.

Whether its beat mixing for a night of non-stop dance music, playing Chart music or all the party favourites, make sure the DJ, makes not spoils the party.
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